I would like to thank all the people who provided me with food, beer, fire, advice, encouragement, ideas, stories, tickets, directions, medical attention, and gas money.

The Pittsburgh Steelers
Art Rooney II
Gene Collier
Dave Lockett
James Farrior
Andrew Stadler
Scott Marshall
The Butler Crew
Joy and Dewey
The ghetto tailgaters behind the Triple Duece
The West Virginia boys
Billy’s Black and Gold Bar
Shanghai Kelly’s Bar
222 Bar
Jack’s Bar
Silver Eye Center for Photography
The Framesmith
Doug Oster
Dave Crawley
John Shumway
WQED Multimedia
Chris Moore
Pierina Morelli
David Rhom
Charlee Brodsky
Roberta Levine
Bill Wade
Sue Abramson
Mark Perrott
Tim Fabian
Kaoru Tohara
Willard Pate
Nancy Zielinski
Louise Lippincott
Frank Kochanski
Dominic Massaro
Rich and Debbie Kenney
Cathy DiRocco
Bud Recktenwald
Randy Gajewski
Joe Chiodo
Ted Gouza
Brian Sweeney
David Zaslav
Luke Paglia
Carter Baldwin
Kevin Carson
Mark and Meg Sweeney
Kelly Caruso
Kimberly Mlack
Mark and Heather Valdes
Gary Chassman
The Grillo Group
Ernesto Bazan
Richard Kelly
Linda Benedict-Jones
Jen Saffron
Ashleigh Pedersen
David Alan Harvey
My mom
and of course Ava

Thank you Pittsburgh

None of this would have been possible without the support of my wife Danielle.