A Guide for the Converted Steelers Fan

January 19th, 2011

In honor of my friend John who is going to his first Steelers game (a Playoff game no less) I have decided to write a few guidelines for him.

Welcome to the Steelers Nation. Whether you were born a Steelers fan or not there are a few rules I’ve picked over the years that you should know before your first trip to Heinz Field:

1. Always wear black and gold.

2. Be in your seat before kickoff. Tailgating is fun, but your here to see a football game, not a party.

3. Never leave before the game ends.

4. Be loud on defense. It is a disadvantage to opposing offenses.

5. Be quiet on offense. As they say, “Ben at Work.”

6. Always bring a terrible towel. It is the banner of the Steeler Nation.

7. When traveling bring an extra terrible towel. The best way to spread good karma is to give a Terrible Towel to someone who doesn’t have one at an away game.

8. Believe.

* Don’t Tuck in your jersey.
* Avoid customized named jerseys unless you actually played for the Steelers. “D. Sanchez” is funny for a few seconds, after that I count it among the fake jerseys.

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