Bears hit by Bus

December 12th, 2005

Bears hit by Bus

Ever been hit by a bus? Of course you haven’t, but you can imagine what that would feel like. If you were hit by a bus, you’d most likely want to stay in bed all day. The Bears game was the first time I just didn’t feel like being at a Steelers Game. This was partially due to the fact that I had spent the previous week in the hospital. But everything inside of me made me go to the game anyway. Even though I was tired, I just fell into my routine on Sunday morning. I practically slept walked to the stadium in my pajamas because I couldn’t imagine any other place to be. Photographically I was hoping for a white-out snow game. But physically, my body kept asking why I wasn’t still in bed recovering.

Since I wasn’t up to marching around the parking lots, I enlisted a few friends to help me take pictures for once. I passed out a few single-use Kodak cameras and asked my friends to take pictures from their perspective. You may think I’m the professional photographer, but the one thing I know is that people take pictures of what’s important to them. So for once I wanted to see what a Steelers Sunday looked like in someone else’s shoes.

So I sat and watched the game from my seat, letting others take pictures. And though my body was sore, at some point in the second half, when Jerome Bettis scored a touchdown and the snow was thick and fluffy, I was happy to be in Heinz Field. It was a memorable experience. And a Steelers win sure eased my pain.

The only problem was getting my cameras back. So hopefully in the next few weeks, I’ll post images from the game in the new fan photo gallery.

Steelers defeat Chicago Bears 21-9

NOTE: I will most likely miss a few games due to upcoming surgery. But I’ll be back soon. In the meantime, send me your photos and I’ll put them up on the site. See guidelines for photo submissions.

Bears hit by Bus

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