Halloween in NOLA

November 4th, 2010

Halloween in NOLA

This Halloween the Steelers visited the Saints in New Orleans. So did I.  The Saints are my other black and gold team and NFC favorite. I went to college in New Orleans in 1991 during the Saints best start, 7-0 Cha-ching. After college I worked for the Louisiana Superdome. My wife and I got married in New Orleans and it has always been a second home for us. But somewhere along the way, I made a choice that the Steelers were my team. Under any other circumstances I would have rooted for the Saints, but a man has to take sides.

When the schedule was announced I booked my tickets and told my New Orleans friend to save me a ticket for the game. I waited until the day before the game though to tell him that I would be wearing my Steelers jersey to the Dome. I kept rival banter low key. I wanted a good game, but I was rooting for the Steelersto win. I got harassed a little. I was thanked for my tourism dollars and told to expect a whooping by everyone I met. But no real threats. Everyone has a good time in New Orleans and they are tolerant of non-division fans. I had a good time, but the Steelers didn’t walk away with the win.

Saints fans were a little surprised to see all the Steelers fans, but they were very loud. Privately I felt a little proud to hear the Superdome roar for their team. It wasn’t long ago they wore bags on their heads for shame.

I hope to see the Saints again in Dallas for the Super Bowl. That game has the possibility of ending a few friendships though.

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