It’s Pronounced Canada

August 14th, 2008

Toronto, Canada.

“Tickets half price.”
“75% off,” says another scalper.

It a a very cordial evening in Toronto. Not a lot of black and gold outside. One desperate man said “I can’t give em away. But I’ll take ten bucks each.” That’s Canadian Dollars too. For nose bleed seats (really 500 level third base line) starting at $255 face you wonder if it’s worth it for a preseason game. This seems to be a premier event for fans of the NFL in Toront. I see jerseys of every color. Eagles, Dolphins, Bears, Cowboys, Titans, Favre in green and pink, Packers, Vikings, Broncos, even OJ Simpson.

This is the first of the 8 game Buffalo Toronto series. The games will be played over five years. That is as long as there is a team in Buffalo.

Quick Notes:
They’re now introducing the Buffalo Gills cheerleaders to cat calls in an empty stadium. Thank god one of the teams has cheerleaders. It feels like a Pirates game maybe 8000 in attendance? But the game has yet to start.

LetsGoSteelers to here we go? These people have read the manual but never consummated Steelers football before. ‘Oh Canada’ got a bigger applause than the Bills and Steelers combined.

Now that the game has started it feels a little more like a football game. Or is it. “What’s it all aboot?” I can overhear locals discuss the differences of CFL to NFL. “Their field is smaller eh? The endzone is only 10 meters as opposed to 15 meters.” Do you think they have a inferiority complex?

It’s now 14-0 Bills 9:43 2Q.

Steelers look sloppy. Numerous Penalties. An interception but Ben made a great grow from the grasp of a defenseman for a first down.

And they have a dome stadium without any air conditioning.

Halfway through the second quarter and Ben is still in the game. A nice throw to Ward at midfield.

Did I mention beers are $9.75 each? That puts the Onorato drink tax to shame. This is a home game for Buffalo and the concessions are only serving Bud and Bud Light. And Don;t even think about taking one of those beers into the restroom. That is strictly forbidden. Lord only knows what you could do in there with your beer.

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