Playoff Fever Hits Pittsburgh

January 12th, 2009

Playoff Fever Hits Pittsburgh

Calling out all Steelers Fans! It’s time to get your winter booster shot of playoff pride. A bye week made it a little boring around Pittsburgh, but nothing can bring out the black and gold like a Terrible Tree. What is a Terrible Tree you might ask? It’s a Pittsburgh tradition that dates back to, well 2006. Kathy Colosimo, an Allegheny County employee suggested that the city decorate the country Christmas tree with Steelers wishes for the playoffs. Of course this idea lead to the Steelers winning Super Bowl XL, so the tradition goes on. And paired with another long standing tradition of Steelers Fridays, the City held a pep rally for the Steelers Divisional Playoff game against the “Stay Classy” San Diego Chargers. County Executive Dan Onorato told the crowd that they are the only place in the country that has a Terrible Tree, and the only city that can even begin to imagine what one is. If the Steelers beat the San Diego Chargers, there will be another rally at noon on the Friday before the AFC Championship game. Be sure to come early if you want a hot dog.

KDKA interview where Kathy Colosimo explains the origin of the Terrible Tree

I enjoy Steelers Fridays, a local version of casual Fridays, where the citizens of Pittsburgh wear black and gold on the Friday before a Steelers game. Now this is only a corporate sanctioned event, because Steelers Fridays are hard to distinguish from any other day of the week. Pittsburghers are required to wear something black and gold at all times. But is it possible that this frenzy for all things black and gold is a disease? If you were an alien observing our fair city, it would seem that these “steel-ers” have quite a cult following. Beware, the fever is spreading. If you stay in Pittsburgh long enough, black and gold will somehow take over your closet, your Sundays, your casual Fridays, and most of your conversations for the next week. Get used to it. Resistance is futile!

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Believe it or not there is at least one Pittsburgher who is embarrassed by all the Steelers hoopla:

Read Brian O’Neill’s encounter with Deep Route, a disgruntled Steeler fan

If you see Deep Route anywhere, be sure to give him a “Go Steelers” for good measure.

Playoff Fever Hits Pittsburgh

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