Quietest One Second

September 26th, 2005

Quietest One Second

Before every game I walk amongst the tailgaters and talk to people about how they think the game will turn out. Some people have good feelings, others just don’t know. I on the other hand was afraid to make any of my own predictions. Mostly because the last time The Steelers played the Patriots, I had my heart wrenched from my chest.

The rematch of the AFC Championship Game looked like it was going to be shootout. Pats scored first, but within 15 regulation seconds Hines Ward came right back with an 85-yard touchdown catch. Then the 2nd quarter circus. Haggans forced a fumble. Randel El loses lateral on a 49 yard play. Patriots interception overturned on review. Followed by a Roethlisberger punt?

And it looked good until the 4th quarter when the Pats regained the lead. But there was no chill in the air like the last time the two teams met. Instead the crowd was warm with hope. And Ben Roethlisberger showed he could compete.

Yet the quintessential buzz-kill kicker Adam Vinatieri still had an appearance to make. 0:05 Four seconds is all he needed to make a 43-yard field goal. 0:01 Then one long second of silence. And a different kind of disbelief washed over the crowd. One nobody was prepared for, but one people could accept. It wasn’t the one second when the whole season flashes before your eyes. It was just a long miserable second to end one exciting game. This loss didn’t mean as much. Both teams are 2-1 with a whole season yet to play. Still, I don’t like losing to the Patriots.

Final outcome:

Steelers lose to New England Patriots 20-23

Steelers regular season winning streak ends at 16

Quietest One Second

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