Save your Boos for Halloween

October 17th, 2005

Save your Boos for Halloween

Because of last season’s record wins, losing has become unacceptable in Pittsburgh. In fact it felt like a thing of the past. But losing is part of the sport. And how you deal with a single loss says as much about you as how you you deal with a legacy of victory.

I sat in Heinz Field and watched a tough game against the Jacksonville Jaguars. A game played differently than we were used to. But it was hard fought. I can’t say I liked the outcome, but it was exciting. Randle El redeemed himself from the Patriot game mistakes by returning a punt for a touchdown. Overtime was made possible by Bryant McFadden’s interception. And Qunicy Morgan’s OT kickoff return was electric. Yet the football gods can change favor at any moment.

Inside Heinz Field, emotions are always hot. I was sitting in the corner of the endzone where the Jaguars’ Mathis returned the OT interception. He came running right at me with the Steelers loss. Unlike the quietest one second I and everyone around me cursed. The angry mob pointed fingers and booed. Vulgar criticism is expected by the players, but in my opinion nothing is worse than booing your own team. No matter the outcome, the players deserve better for their effort. Even after the AFC Championship loss I stuck around to applaud the team as they left the field.

To me boo-ing is sign of contempt. And the Steelers deserve more respect than that. The Texans fans booed their team throughout the whole game because it looked like their team wasn’t even trying. (In reality the Steelers were crushing them) I don’t believe any person on the field wearing a Steelers uniform has any goal but winning. Sometimes trying your hardest isn’t enough to win. Sometimes you just f*@k things up. But as a fan I can only ask that players give it their best. Give us an honest shot, and leave it all on the field. If you do that I will still salute your effort even if you fall short. That’s what keeps me coming back game after game, season after season.

And leave your frustration in the stadium, not on Tommy Maddox’s yard. Though it will be hard, TRY to remember that this was just one game. Just one of sixteen. One I will always remember.

Give ’em hell next time.

Final Outcome:
Steelers lose to Jacksonville Jaguars 17-23

Save your Boos for Halloween

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