Week V: Tailgate Wedding (Browns Game)

October 11th, 2004

Week V: Tailgate Wedding (Browns Game)

October 10th was a very special day for many people. Ben Roethlisberger won his third start in a row. Duce Staley got his third 100+ yard game in a row. And Heather and Roger said “I Do.” The mornings start as always with the wait for parking. This provides a quiet time of reflection for everyone to read the sports pages, examine matchups, and talk a little politics. Then at 8 am the mad dash starts as everyone tries to get his or her coveted parking spots. Then it’s back to business of conversation. A.J. told me that what he likes about tailgating on Sundays is that it’s a mini vacation, a break from work and the week’s stress. It is a way to escape the troubles of life and just spend time with friends.

As a division game there is some amount of hostility toward the opponent. In this case Cleveland and Pittsburgh have a long history. For the most part the taunting is good-natured, and Steelers fans stand side-by-side with Browns fans. I must admit that I too have dear family that claim to be Original Browns fans. But emotion plays a large part in rivalries and there is no lack of explicatives shouted at Brownies. I guess we should expect the same when we go to Cleveland. At least we hold the same opinions of Ray Lewis.

While walking the lots, I was lucky enough to meet Roger and Heather while they were still in their tailgating apparel. Roger was looking for a cameraman, but I was not the one. When I asked why, he said, “We’re getting married in a few minutes.” And so they welcomed me and everyone else who was tailgating in the lot to join them for their nuptials. It was a wonderful ceremony perfect for two Steelers fans in love. I wish them both the best, in Steelers victory and in defeat.

Final Outcome: Steelers beat Cleveland Browns 34 – 23
Steelers 4-1

Week V: Tailgate Wedding (Browns Game)

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