Week XI: Billy’s Black and Gold

November 22nd, 2004

Week XI: Billy’s Black and Gold

After last weekend in Cleveland I really needed to surround myself with Steelers fans. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette ran an article on the front page predicting over 20,000 Steelers fans at Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati. Now this might have sounded like the best place to find Steelers fans, but I wanted my Black and Gold pure, so I went to Sharon, PA. The sign on the door of Billy’s Black and Gold Bar reads, “ABSOLUTELY NO OPPOSING TEAM GARB(AGE) PERMITTED PAST THIS POINT. NO EXCEPTIONS!”

Once inside, black and gold shines from every corner. But get there early because there won’t be a empty seat in the house after kickoff. Every Sunday Billy’s has dozens of televisions, of all sizes, tuned to the Steelers game. This Sunday the audio was Myron Cope and Bill Hillgrove’s broadcast from the Steelers Radio Network (also Tunch Ilkin and Craig Wolfley). There must have been someone special in the crowd this week, because Bill Hillgrove gave an on-air shout-out to everyone at Billy’s, drawing a big cheer. The game itself gave us a rollercoaster of emotions, having to witness Ben Roethlisberger get sacked seven times. But there was no loss of hope inside of Billy’s, only white knuckles. It accepts the intense and superstitious fan as well as the quiet family as long as you’re a Pittsburgh fan. As Billy told me, “We’re a little one-sided here,” and that goes for the Pirates and Penguins as well. If you can’t go to a Steelers game and you want to get the same feeling of the home crowd, the next best place would have to be Billy’s Black and Gold.

I want to thank Billy, his wife Carole, and everyone else that put up with my intrusion. I appreciate the hospitality and conversations. Glad to share a win with y’all.

Final Outcome: Steelers defeat Cincinnati Bengals 19 – 14
Steelers 9-1

Week XI: Billy’s Black and Gold

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