Week XII: Bring on the Weather

November 29th, 2004

Week XII: Bring on the Weather

The weather never stopped a tailgate. Pittsburgh Sundays have been generally pleasant until Thanksgiving. Probably payback from Lake Erie, week twelve was cold and rainy. As a result, the mood was dreary and sluggish in the lots. Those who came, came a little later than usual so there was much more room to play parking lot football. The early birds braved the weather with makeshift shelters and fire pits.

The car and the body are the most popular canvases for expressing your love of Black and Gold. It says a lot to decorate your vehicle, a sizable investment in itself, with the hypocycloids and words of support. The timid use flags or shoe polish, but the brave slather on black and gold paint turning aging RV’s into works of art. Face painting has evolved from the Halloween makeup to airbrush stencils. Now you can pick your favorite logo or saying as you walk into the stadium.

From here on out, you may wake up and find the weather on Sunday mornings to be better suited to staying at home by the fire. If you do, know that no matter how ugly it gets, the proud fans of the Black and Gold will be out there. If you’re really nice, Joy and Dewey will have a hot bowl of wedding soup waiting for you and you’ll be glad you didn’t stay home.

Final Outcome: Steelers beat Redskins 16-7
Steelers 10-1

Week XII: Bring on the Weather

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