Week XVI: Day after Christmas

December 26th, 2004

Week XVI: Day after Christmas

When I woke up on the day after Christmas, I thought it was Christmas day all over again. Excited and full of holiday cheer I returned to my regular spot in the ghetto. Not only was I back with my Sunday family, but we had the Ravens in town. Our chance to face the only team that had beat us this season. The Ravens are the “one,” in 13 and one. So as winter chilled our feet, we warmed our hearts with the thoughts of beating our rivals, who some think of as just “Cleveland in Purple.” Well beyond that fire of revenge, we had coal, wood, and whiskey to warm our blood. For those who believe in an active lifestyle there was always street ball to get the Steeler Nation’s blood flowing.

I am often asked by non-diehards what kind of crazy things I see every weekend. You want to know what’s crazy? Seeing novice tailgaters show up on a 20-degree day in December in just a light sweater. No matter how cold it is you can weather the day if you come prepared. And if your not shivering, it doesn’t seem so crazy to be out in the cold with your friends and family. After sixteen Sundays, it wouldn’t be complete without grilled hot dogs, Roethlis-burgers, and of course iced beer steins.

The game itself was bittersweet. Plax returned to the game and the Bus had another hundred-yard game, but with it came the injury of Big Ben. So the streak will rest for another few weeks. Now we go into Buffalo with nothing to lose but our pride. We have clinched the top seed in the AFC, which means that Pittsburgh gets to spend the playoffs at home. And if you didn’t check the record this season, we are 8-0 at Heinz field this season. But let’s still take it one game at a time because after Buffalo, we can’t afford to lose. And I’m looking forward to a few Sundays more.

Final Outcome: Steelers defeat Baltimore Ravens 20 – 7
Steelers 14-1
Steelers clinch no. 1 seed in AFC and home field advantage throughout the playoffs.

QB Ben Roethlisberger leaves game with bruised ribs, but is voted NFL.com rookie of the week for 9th time.

Week XVI: Day after Christmas

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